Gifts for the Teen

Hollister, Aeropostale, American Eagle... and Kandy Kane Castle Year Round. No we don't have any brand name clothes but you can't forget the accessories! Let KKCYR show you how to glam up your teenager this winter.

Honey, scarves are everywhere this winter! They are not just for warmth anymore, they
are for style. A scarf with a pop
of color, like our black confetti scarf, can add an edge to any outfit. Tell your teen to have fun with it.

This dream fused pendant will do a great job at adding a personal touch. Put this on any size or length of chain to stay true to you and your dreams as well as mixing it up with your teen's day to day routine.

Ooo here comes KKCYR's twist on faux fur! This is a fuzzy 3d yarn that has made this red and black evening bag. Grab this bag with a faux fur vest and some skinny jeans and heels and you are ready for the cat walk. Strut your stuff ma'am!

Last, but not least, we have a purse accessory charm. Everyone, especially teens, want to make sure they dress "in style" but we hope you don't lose who YOU are. And if YOU love purses this charm is just one cute and fun way to express yourself.

Help your teen have fun with their style and expressing themselves with Kandy Kane Castle Year Round.

Gifts for the Young'ins

Don't know what to get your young'in this holiday season? Well no matter what age you're lookin' for Kandy Kane Castle Year Round can help you out!

perfect for the little girl in your life. It comes with a pink hand
knitted hat, headband and interchangeable bows a
nd flower. This bow box set will help you keep your young'in lookin' adorable while matching with any outfit.

Got a young'in who loves frogs?! These individual pillows can sit on your young'in's bed, window sill or dresser. BUT it can even be hung up anywhere in their room with its individual hooks on the back.

Young'ins these days love them some keychains. This one is a pink cat accessory. This can be used on your phone, backpack or purse! Especially for cat lovers this keychain is fun for any age.

Do you have a young'in that loves to help you in the kitchen? Well help him or her feel special with this sweet treats child apron. They could be just sitting on the counter with you or actually cooking the whole meal, with this apron they can be the little assistant.

Now here's a 2 in 1! A book n-a blanky featuring Barnyard Chase. This ideal and creative set is perfect for the reader in the family. Whether it be a bed time
story or family time, cuddle up in the blanket and once a certain someone gets a little sleepy fold the blanket back up, store the book in it's pocket and save it for tomorrow... or in 20 more

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street! A morning ritual for many families through out the years is Sesame Street or Plaza Sesemo! Maybe you have a Big Bird fan on your hands? Well whether it be Big Bird or Burt and Ernie this Sesame Street quilt will become your child's best friend.

Keep your young'in warm this holiday season with our white trimmed frosty baby pajamas! Such an adorable pattern can't go unnoticed. With this comfy material this young'in can wear it around the house exploring new territory or out on Main Street shopping with the family.

Meet Ruth and Martin. They like to take naps, go to tea parties, watch television as well as help clean rooms! Aren't they just a must huh?! But don't tell your young'in about the clean the room part, this ragged doll set would love to have fun with your child this holiday season and for many to come.

Look no further than Kandy Kane Castle Year Round when shopping for your young'ins this month!

Believe. Dream. Wish.

Whether you're celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Christmas, the holiday season is about having faith, dreaming, believing, and making wishes. So, this year, convey that message to a friend or family member with our "Wish" plaque. Its fun lettering and bright colors will lift spirits and serve as a reminder of what this time of year is all about. Visit Kandy Kane Castle Year Round and let us help make your holiday season brighter.