Accessories to Life

This week we have focused on a plethora of accessories! But today it does not just include necklaces or bracelets. Today we are thinking about the accessories to Life. Friends!

Get a gift that will touch the heart of a person who has touched yours. Our hand-stitched "Old Friend" Pillow sends just the right message. "It takes a long time to grow an old friend" could not be more true. Such an adorable pillow can be the sweetest decoration for the bed, couch or picture display! It is a small act that shows what an important "accessory" they are to you in your life.

Hmm, best friends usually have a few vises in life. Could one be shoes? If you and your "bestie" are one of those people who constantly fight over shoes, our hand-stitched "Shoe" pillow is just what you're looking for. Come on, we all know we have playful competitions within friendships. "She who dies with the most shoes wins" seems to be the ultimate contest! Share this pillow with a friend, and let the games begin!!

From Drab to Fab!

It's been said that accessories can really make an outfit. A singular accessory item can help you go from drab to fab, just like that. Whether you're off to lunch or out for a special evening, the crafters at Kandy Kane Castle Year Round offer some of the most beautiful pieces to spice up any wardrobe.
For example, a shirt and jeans will no longer go unnoticed or be classified as plain when you complete your ensemble with this sophisticated yet funky and fun pink and black felted handbag.

It's hard to go wrong with a little black dress. But, add our blue, green and black glass bead necklace and, ooh, la, la -- watch out!

We even have adorable accessories for the youngest generations – like our "Cat" accessory charm and our Toddler Pastel Hair Bow Box.

Express your uniqueness and individuality with one-of-a-kind fashion accessories from Kandy Kane Castle Year Round.

Travel in Style

Jacie with Kandy Kane Castle shares some fun and unique handmade items to help make your travels "smooth sailing."

Too Cool For School

We know plenty of ladies who want to make this school year the best yet!!! You accompany them to multiple stores to find the perfect outfit, accessories, and necessities. But this year, what is more convenient than being able to look in just one spot? Kandy Kane Castle Year Round has just what you need for back-to-school fashion.

Purses are a must – when becoming a woman – to hold all your necessary items...binders, personal effects, books, notebooks and pencils. It's all about expressing the real you, whether it be sweet and simple, chic, or outrageous. Like our Gold Leaf Denim Purse that says you may love the tranquility of the Autumn season. Just throw this over your shoulder and go onto your next class with individuality and style.

Onto accent pieces! If she's one who is always checking up on the latest styles, you'll want to take a look at our variety of scarves. For example, our Blue/Green Confetti Scarf can really make an outfit POP!

We have an assortment of styles and colors in our Fashion Accessories. So grab your growing girl and help her make a splash this school year!

A Time Capsule, In The Cutest Fashion

It's another school year and your little ones are on their way to growing up. Do you have a newcomer to the school scene? All the firsts that lie ahead for you and your kindergartner can be collected and remembered in this beautiful "School Days" keepsake box. Pictures of Mom and Dad with their new student on her first day of school, her first lost tooth, first finger painting, first Happy Gram, first report card will all be treasured in this hand-crafted wooden box, adorably decorated to commemorate "Kathy's First Day of School." When graduation day rolls around, whether it be high school or college, you will be able to pass this down to her as a reminder of the path she has traveled and conquered.