Gifts for the Teen

Hollister, Aeropostale, American Eagle... and Kandy Kane Castle Year Round. No we don't have any brand name clothes but you can't forget the accessories! Let KKCYR show you how to glam up your teenager this winter.

Honey, scarves are everywhere this winter! They are not just for warmth anymore, they
are for style. A scarf with a pop
of color, like our black confetti scarf, can add an edge to any outfit. Tell your teen to have fun with it.

This dream fused pendant will do a great job at adding a personal touch. Put this on any size or length of chain to stay true to you and your dreams as well as mixing it up with your teen's day to day routine.

Ooo here comes KKCYR's twist on faux fur! This is a fuzzy 3d yarn that has made this red and black evening bag. Grab this bag with a faux fur vest and some skinny jeans and heels and you are ready for the cat walk. Strut your stuff ma'am!

Last, but not least, we have a purse accessory charm. Everyone, especially teens, want to make sure they dress "in style" but we hope you don't lose who YOU are. And if YOU love purses this charm is just one cute and fun way to express yourself.

Help your teen have fun with their style and expressing themselves with Kandy Kane Castle Year Round.

Gifts for the Young'ins

Don't know what to get your young'in this holiday season? Well no matter what age you're lookin' for Kandy Kane Castle Year Round can help you out!

perfect for the little girl in your life. It comes with a pink hand
knitted hat, headband and interchangeable bows a
nd flower. This bow box set will help you keep your young'in lookin' adorable while matching with any outfit.

Got a young'in who loves frogs?! These individual pillows can sit on your young'in's bed, window sill or dresser. BUT it can even be hung up anywhere in their room with its individual hooks on the back.

Young'ins these days love them some keychains. This one is a pink cat accessory. This can be used on your phone, backpack or purse! Especially for cat lovers this keychain is fun for any age.

Do you have a young'in that loves to help you in the kitchen? Well help him or her feel special with this sweet treats child apron. They could be just sitting on the counter with you or actually cooking the whole meal, with this apron they can be the little assistant.

Now here's a 2 in 1! A book n-a blanky featuring Barnyard Chase. This ideal and creative set is perfect for the reader in the family. Whether it be a bed time
story or family time, cuddle up in the blanket and once a certain someone gets a little sleepy fold the blanket back up, store the book in it's pocket and save it for tomorrow... or in 20 more

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street! A morning ritual for many families through out the years is Sesame Street or Plaza Sesemo! Maybe you have a Big Bird fan on your hands? Well whether it be Big Bird or Burt and Ernie this Sesame Street quilt will become your child's best friend.

Keep your young'in warm this holiday season with our white trimmed frosty baby pajamas! Such an adorable pattern can't go unnoticed. With this comfy material this young'in can wear it around the house exploring new territory or out on Main Street shopping with the family.

Meet Ruth and Martin. They like to take naps, go to tea parties, watch television as well as help clean rooms! Aren't they just a must huh?! But don't tell your young'in about the clean the room part, this ragged doll set would love to have fun with your child this holiday season and for many to come.

Look no further than Kandy Kane Castle Year Round when shopping for your young'ins this month!

Believe. Dream. Wish.

Whether you're celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Christmas, the holiday season is about having faith, dreaming, believing, and making wishes. So, this year, convey that message to a friend or family member with our "Wish" plaque. Its fun lettering and bright colors will lift spirits and serve as a reminder of what this time of year is all about. Visit Kandy Kane Castle Year Round and let us help make your holiday season brighter.

Stress-free Gift Giving

As the song goes, "It's the most wonderful time of the year..." But, often, it's also the most stressful time of the year. Here's how you can ease some of the stress of picking out that perfect gift...

Already Looking Forward to the Next Holiday Meal!

Grandmother, Mother, Sister or Aunt we have the gift to bring more holiday cheer to your Christmas Dinner.
Our chevron apron in red, green and gold. If you have a friend or family member who loves to cook, but also like's to make a mess along the way look at KKCYR's apron collection. This one has a fun Christmas pattern for the holidays. But this chevron apron only shows one of our variety of aprons. Let the little things help make Christmas, Christmas.
Go online and see what other patterns and styles of aprons we have. Have fun cooking your Christmas dinner with our red, green and gold Christmas apron.

I Love Leftovers!

One day away from Thanksgiving! Amazing food. Amazing company. And we can't forget the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade -- if that's a part of your family traditions. One thing that doesn't always bring smiles to the kids faces is leftovers! The same thing day after day! But no worries!! Today we want to share with you a recipe that has always brought excitement back to the table post-Thanksgiving.

We call this the Leftover Holiday Dish! Start by preheating your oven to 450 degrees. Next grab the leftover turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and of course, the dressing. Get a casserole pan, whatever size you want to fix, or that will fit and grease it. No, don't fret not much more to go. All you have to do is LAYER! First: the dressing! Second: the turkey! Third: the cranberry sauce! And Lastly: the mashed potatoes!!

Once that oven is telling you that it's heated up, put your dish in and let it sit for 35 minutes. Check it periodically towards the end of the time to make sure you've got the mashed potatoes browning on the top to your liking. Time's up!! Take it out let it set for ten to fifteen minutes, then eat!!

This dish has always been a family favorite because it incorporates everybody's favorite holiday dish! And let me tell you even if you don't like cranberry sauce, try it, because it sweetens up the entire casserole!

We hope everyone has a gracious and loving Thanksgiving and, please, if you try the Leftover Holiday Dish let us know how it suited your family's fancy!

Pajama Shopping at Kandy Kane Castle Year Round

Ahh! Now this is the way to shop for the holidays -- all cozy in your pajamas, coffee in hand, in the comfort of your home, online at Kandy Kane Castle Year Round. By shopping at Kandy Kandy Castle Year Round, you will avoid the crowds, won't have to fuss with shipping, and will find unique, handmade gifts for everyone on your list.

Food, Glorious Food!

THE KITCHEN is filled with mouth watering goodies!

Whether it be a meal, or just a snack you're looking for we have just what you need to satisfy your appetite.

Samples are available to test and fall in love with our variety o of specialty foods!

Deck the Halls with Kandy Kane Castle Year Round

Jacie with Kandy Kane Castle Year Round shares some great home decor ideas for the upcoming holiday season. Take a look...!

Get Cozy

Kandy Kane Castle Year Round recommends you get cozy after a long day's work. Whether it be hot tea, coffee or hot cider our tea cozies will keep the kettle warm while you cozy up in your favorite chair. Get the kids excited to have family time with some hot cocoa and MARSHMALLOWS! Visit KKCYR and see all our styles of tea cozies.

The Baby!

Don't forget the baby! When going out this Halloween you can bring the entire family, cause you'll be able to get a costume for everybody including the little one. Kandy Kane Castle Year Round has a Leona Baby Pajamas that can serve as a costume! This adorable onesy and hat is a cougar print, it's the perfect disguise for a sweet innocent child. Carry this dangerous cat in it's natural habitat. Just take some green construction paper and shred it into grass and tape it to the guard rail or end of your stroller and VOILA! Think outside the box this Halloween with Kandy Kane Castle Year Round.

Traveling This Season?!

Tis' the season for TRAVELING! Visiting family and friends for Thanksgiving? Christmas? For fun? No matter what your reasons may be make sure you pack.... our Black and White Earring Pouch Set! These classy pouches come in two different sizes and with their own circular netting. This item makes it safe, convenient and orderly to pack and travel with your favorite set of earrings, big or small. Visit Kandy Kane Castle Year Round and see what other styles we offer.

Fall Home Decor from Kandy Kane Castle Year Round

With the change of season usually comes the change of home decor. In this video, Jacie with Kandy Kane Castle Year Round shows you some wonderful handmade home decor items that will help you celebrate the transition from summer to fall. Visit Kandy Kane Castle Year Round for more great fall gifts and decorations.

Poncho Weather

The fall season is bringing cooler temperatures and with that comes some warmer clothes! Kandy Kane Castle Year Round is featuring a Pink Beaded Poncho today! This hand-crocheted garment can complete a casual or dressy look. Our poncho puts the vinyl ponchos to shame! Don't be afraid of the wind blowing your cover off you, the hand-beaded detailing helps the layered material form to your body keeping you protected and warm. Let KKCYR help you kill two birds with one stone – keeping warm while remaining stylish.

October Break!

For KKCYR's home of Mesa, AZ, it is October Break! Kids are out of school for the week! Time to enjoy the incoming weather of cooler temperatures. Yes, it is still a bit warm over here near the Four Corners but this Ragtime Quilt can fit everybody's needs. With Arizona's, barely, cooler temperatures we think it's perfect weather for a picnic! Spread out our moss green ragtime quilt so that your friends and/or family have a place to all sit and enjoy the necessary edible items. Ok, ok now for the rest of the world. Have our burgundy ragtime quilt there to cuddle up with your loved ones. Child, friend or significant other it doesn't matter, our quilt will keep you warm. No matter in what state let the Ragtime Quilts bring the ones you love closer to your heart.

20th Anniversary!

Kandy Kane Castle Year Round was not always year-round. KKCYR first started off as KKC – Kandy Kane Castle an annual holiday craft boutique. In 1991 a group of "crafty" educators got together and started Kandy Kane Castle as an outlet for their creative efforts. Since then, the boutique has grown from eight crafters to as many as 65 crafters this year! Being that this year is our 20th, we are predicting it will be our most successful and fun boutique yet! With each year we have expanded the offerings with different homemade and handmade goods, and when you see the plethora of wonderful merchandise and food this year, you will see just what we mean. Kandy Kane Castle's 20th Annual Holiday Boutique is November 11, 12, and 13, then again November 18, 19 and 20, 10am to 5pm each day. You think Kandy Kane Castle Year Round is something to talk about? Well, just wait 'til you see this year's Kandy Kane Castle Holiday Boutique! Click here for more information on our Annual Boutique.

Happy First Day of Fall!

Today is OFFICIALLY the first day of fall. Such a beautiful season! This week we've been showing you merchandise from our online store that can help you celebrate the new season. But, today, we need YOUR help and creativity. Visit Kandy Kane Castle Year Round, take a look through our many categories, and please tell us what other items you think are fitting for fall. Think outside the box! Which of our handmade products say "Autumn!" to you? Be creative and don't be afraid to share with us your thoughts and ideas! You can post them on our Facebook page by clicking here:
We look forward to hearing from you.

Halloween Time at Kandy Kane Castle Year Round

It's hard to believe Halloween is just around the corner. Fear not, though – Jacie with Kandy Kane Castle shares some handmade and hauntingly delightful Halloween decorations that are sure to help you scare up a wonderful time!

Visit our online store for these and other fabulous handmade items.

More "Decorations"

This week we've talking talking a lot about decorations for this fall season. But "what about me?!" Well we agree! Let's get some "decorations" for you!, like our "Colors of Fall" necklace. these reds, yellows, ad blue can help complete an outfit, whether it be a casual luncheon or a night out. See how this little piece will look with your day's look.

Meet Sammy the Scarecrow

Kandy Kane Castle Year Round would like to present to you Sammy the Scarecrow. Sammy has been watching your garden and crops for sometime now but he's thinking he's due for retirement. So now he is strutting a couple of ensembles, upgrading from the old fashioned overalls. Sammy is now stylish enough to bring inside and to introduce to all the guests. Visit Kandy Kane Castle Year Round and see for yourself.

Garland for Every Season

Make this garland be the replacement of your old wreath this season. These three scarecrow buddies all dressed in their autumn overalls happily hang on your door welcoming in guests. Know someone, or even yourself, who loves to decorate with the turning of the leaves? This would make the ultimate gift to share a smile with a old or new friend. visit us at Kandy Kane Castle Year Round and see what other goodies we have in store.

Bouquets of the Fall Season

Bouquets of flowers are not just for the spring and summer seasons. Here at Kandy Kane Castle Year Round we put beautiful fall colors and accessories together to make the perfect centerpiece. Let these bouquets remind your friends and family of the warmth of the fall season.

A Classy Halloween!

You don't have to get dressed up in a costume to enjoy this Halloween season! Become a more classy and modern Morticia in that slinky dress with our Black Glass Bracelet! Who says you have to be the Wicked Witch of the West to have fun at Halloween time?! Visit KKCYR and see what other "costume" jewelry we have that can complete the perfect "costume!"

Post Bulletin to All Teachers!!

TEACHERS!! Hopefully the beginning of your school year has been nothing but fun, but just in case, I am here to remind you that HALLOWEEN IS COMING UP! A time where you can have just as much fun as your students! Yes, yes we understand that you still need to keep a form of professionalism in the classroom but let us help you be festive too... With our Black and Orange Strip Patch shirt. This long sleeve, button up has the cutest patch work, full of the fall and halloween colors. So this Halloween remember that the Friday before the holiday can be just as much fun for you, as it is for your students.

Meet Frizzy and Frankie Stein

This Halloween don't forget to invite Frizzy and Frankie Stein! This cute couple can charm the pants off of some of your closest friends and family. Yes they might have the reputation of the scary and mean couple in town but they are begging for YOU to be the judge! Make new friends this Halloween by visiting Kandy Kane Castle Year Round!

How Many Trick-or-Treaters Will You Get This Year?!

Halloween is just one of the holidays that is so much fun to decorate for. At KKCYR we have numerous home-made pieces that guests and trick-or-treaters will fawn over!
Our October Traditional Halloween Garland will welcome friends and family to your home. But with these trick-or-treaters, the visiting little ones will envy the costumes and get ideas for next Halloween!

Accessories to Life

This week we have focused on a plethora of accessories! But today it does not just include necklaces or bracelets. Today we are thinking about the accessories to Life. Friends!

Get a gift that will touch the heart of a person who has touched yours. Our hand-stitched "Old Friend" Pillow sends just the right message. "It takes a long time to grow an old friend" could not be more true. Such an adorable pillow can be the sweetest decoration for the bed, couch or picture display! It is a small act that shows what an important "accessory" they are to you in your life.

Hmm, best friends usually have a few vises in life. Could one be shoes? If you and your "bestie" are one of those people who constantly fight over shoes, our hand-stitched "Shoe" pillow is just what you're looking for. Come on, we all know we have playful competitions within friendships. "She who dies with the most shoes wins" seems to be the ultimate contest! Share this pillow with a friend, and let the games begin!!

From Drab to Fab!

It's been said that accessories can really make an outfit. A singular accessory item can help you go from drab to fab, just like that. Whether you're off to lunch or out for a special evening, the crafters at Kandy Kane Castle Year Round offer some of the most beautiful pieces to spice up any wardrobe.
For example, a shirt and jeans will no longer go unnoticed or be classified as plain when you complete your ensemble with this sophisticated yet funky and fun pink and black felted handbag.

It's hard to go wrong with a little black dress. But, add our blue, green and black glass bead necklace and, ooh, la, la -- watch out!

We even have adorable accessories for the youngest generations – like our "Cat" accessory charm and our Toddler Pastel Hair Bow Box.

Express your uniqueness and individuality with one-of-a-kind fashion accessories from Kandy Kane Castle Year Round.

Travel in Style

Jacie with Kandy Kane Castle shares some fun and unique handmade items to help make your travels "smooth sailing."

Too Cool For School

We know plenty of ladies who want to make this school year the best yet!!! You accompany them to multiple stores to find the perfect outfit, accessories, and necessities. But this year, what is more convenient than being able to look in just one spot? Kandy Kane Castle Year Round has just what you need for back-to-school fashion.

Purses are a must – when becoming a woman – to hold all your necessary items...binders, personal effects, books, notebooks and pencils. It's all about expressing the real you, whether it be sweet and simple, chic, or outrageous. Like our Gold Leaf Denim Purse that says you may love the tranquility of the Autumn season. Just throw this over your shoulder and go onto your next class with individuality and style.

Onto accent pieces! If she's one who is always checking up on the latest styles, you'll want to take a look at our variety of scarves. For example, our Blue/Green Confetti Scarf can really make an outfit POP!

We have an assortment of styles and colors in our Fashion Accessories. So grab your growing girl and help her make a splash this school year!

A Time Capsule, In The Cutest Fashion

It's another school year and your little ones are on their way to growing up. Do you have a newcomer to the school scene? All the firsts that lie ahead for you and your kindergartner can be collected and remembered in this beautiful "School Days" keepsake box. Pictures of Mom and Dad with their new student on her first day of school, her first lost tooth, first finger painting, first Happy Gram, first report card will all be treasured in this hand-crafted wooden box, adorably decorated to commemorate "Kathy's First Day of School." When graduation day rolls around, whether it be high school or college, you will be able to pass this down to her as a reminder of the path she has traveled and conquered.

Light Up This Independence Day

Set the stage for a bright and glowing 4th of July with our lighted "Americana" glass blocks. Indoors or out, they're the perfect accent to your Independence Day festivities. 3 available; sold individually.

Let's Hear It for the Red, White and Blue!

With Independence Day right around the corner, Jacie with Kandy Kane Castle Year Round shares some great ideas to help make your day extra patriotic and festive.

Starting New Memories

It's that time of year – time for celebrating graduations and weddings. Give something extra meaningful for all those special events – like our beautifully handcrafted memory boxes. They're sure to bring a sweet tear to every eye.

Caps will be soaring with these one-of-a-kind memory boxes. Those graduation parties are right around the corner, and your little loved ones will be moving onto bigger and better things. Send a part of you with them – tuck a letter inside one of these boxes telling him or her how proud of them you are, then include a package of Top Ramen or macaroni and cheese...'cause we know what college is really like!

Get Me to the Church On Time, but don't forget our wedding edition memory box! Fill the box with assorted teas, cocoas or apple cider packets for a gift that the new couple can enjoy together at the end of each day as life partners. What a warm and loving way to help them start their life together.

Behind the Crystal

Swarovski crystals are a big seller here at Kandy Kane Castle Year Round. Yes, it's a crystal, it looks very glamorous and can easily catch someone's eye. But we are constantly asked what IS a Swarovski crystal? Well, I'm glad you asked...

This all begins with Daniel Swarovski, born on October 24, 1862, in Georgentahl, Bohemia. Now wait, before you bring out your atlas. Bohemia was, then, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was there that Daniel Swarovski's father owned a factory that cut crystal. As he grew he stayed very close to his father's business, and gained interest in electricity and wanted to invent something that could cut crystals
perfectly! After attending school at the First Electrical Exhibition in Vienna, in "1892 Swarovski took out a patent on his automatic cutting machine."
Because of the 19th and 20th centuries being a time that crystals were extremely popular for formal evening attire this made Swarovski's beginning very successful. It was only up hill from there, for the Swarovski family.

Take a look for yourselves at Kandy Kane Castle Year Round. Go to our Quick Find option and type in "Swarovski" and you'll see what we're talking about. That was your history lesson for the day. Class dismissed!