Get Cozy

Kandy Kane Castle Year Round recommends you get cozy after a long day's work. Whether it be hot tea, coffee or hot cider our tea cozies will keep the kettle warm while you cozy up in your favorite chair. Get the kids excited to have family time with some hot cocoa and MARSHMALLOWS! Visit KKCYR and see all our styles of tea cozies.

The Baby!

Don't forget the baby! When going out this Halloween you can bring the entire family, cause you'll be able to get a costume for everybody including the little one. Kandy Kane Castle Year Round has a Leona Baby Pajamas that can serve as a costume! This adorable onesy and hat is a cougar print, it's the perfect disguise for a sweet innocent child. Carry this dangerous cat in it's natural habitat. Just take some green construction paper and shred it into grass and tape it to the guard rail or end of your stroller and VOILA! Think outside the box this Halloween with Kandy Kane Castle Year Round.

Traveling This Season?!

Tis' the season for TRAVELING! Visiting family and friends for Thanksgiving? Christmas? For fun? No matter what your reasons may be make sure you pack.... our Black and White Earring Pouch Set! These classy pouches come in two different sizes and with their own circular netting. This item makes it safe, convenient and orderly to pack and travel with your favorite set of earrings, big or small. Visit Kandy Kane Castle Year Round and see what other styles we offer.

Fall Home Decor from Kandy Kane Castle Year Round

With the change of season usually comes the change of home decor. In this video, Jacie with Kandy Kane Castle Year Round shows you some wonderful handmade home decor items that will help you celebrate the transition from summer to fall. Visit Kandy Kane Castle Year Round for more great fall gifts and decorations.

Poncho Weather

The fall season is bringing cooler temperatures and with that comes some warmer clothes! Kandy Kane Castle Year Round is featuring a Pink Beaded Poncho today! This hand-crocheted garment can complete a casual or dressy look. Our poncho puts the vinyl ponchos to shame! Don't be afraid of the wind blowing your cover off you, the hand-beaded detailing helps the layered material form to your body keeping you protected and warm. Let KKCYR help you kill two birds with one stone – keeping warm while remaining stylish.

October Break!

For KKCYR's home of Mesa, AZ, it is October Break! Kids are out of school for the week! Time to enjoy the incoming weather of cooler temperatures. Yes, it is still a bit warm over here near the Four Corners but this Ragtime Quilt can fit everybody's needs. With Arizona's, barely, cooler temperatures we think it's perfect weather for a picnic! Spread out our moss green ragtime quilt so that your friends and/or family have a place to all sit and enjoy the necessary edible items. Ok, ok now for the rest of the world. Have our burgundy ragtime quilt there to cuddle up with your loved ones. Child, friend or significant other it doesn't matter, our quilt will keep you warm. No matter in what state let the Ragtime Quilts bring the ones you love closer to your heart.

20th Anniversary!

Kandy Kane Castle Year Round was not always year-round. KKCYR first started off as KKC – Kandy Kane Castle an annual holiday craft boutique. In 1991 a group of "crafty" educators got together and started Kandy Kane Castle as an outlet for their creative efforts. Since then, the boutique has grown from eight crafters to as many as 65 crafters this year! Being that this year is our 20th, we are predicting it will be our most successful and fun boutique yet! With each year we have expanded the offerings with different homemade and handmade goods, and when you see the plethora of wonderful merchandise and food this year, you will see just what we mean. Kandy Kane Castle's 20th Annual Holiday Boutique is November 11, 12, and 13, then again November 18, 19 and 20, 10am to 5pm each day. You think Kandy Kane Castle Year Round is something to talk about? Well, just wait 'til you see this year's Kandy Kane Castle Holiday Boutique! Click here for more information on our Annual Boutique.