Scrubbies – for more than just dishes

For those of us who attack the dishes after mealtime we know the importance of some kind of tool to help our process along. Now available are these tough and tumble handcrafted scrubbies to make cleaning a little more colorful. Bear in mind, though, these aren't a one-purpose clean-up tool – these babies can help not only in the kitchen but throughout your entire house. And, they come in so many fun colors, you can assign a different one for every cleaning chore. Here are some examples:
  1. Use the green scrubby to remove dirt and residue from your fruits and veggies before eating.
  2. Make cleaning a breeze with the black scrubby to remove burnt leftovers from your stove and oven.
  3. One of our scrubbies' fans shared that they're perfect for getting the grime off your tires and hubcaps!
And here is one more scrubbies tip: don't be afraid to throw them into the dishwasher or washing machine with your next load to ready them for their next line of duty.

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